Custom operations

The customs sector is in the throes of a regulatory revolution. BeOne enables all the customs operations to be performed in accordance with the Ministerial provisions, reducing the customs clearance times and providing users with the traceability of the entire import/export cycle and the conduct of the associated controls. The computer folder enables the documents associated with the customs clearance to be archived in digital format in the BeOne solution. Nova Systems is developing the option of connecting to the one-stop customs service directly through the BeOne solution to further speed up the operational activities of clients. The Customs module is also integrated with the TMS, WMS and Bookkeeping application modules. From the BeOne Suite, it is possible to create customs documents starting from the shipment data, accelerating the procedures. Thanks to WMS, it is possible to integrate the VAT customs deposits.

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Nova Systems has joined EurTradeNet (ETN), the international organisation that brings together companies that provide IT solution for customs. At the international level, ETN plays an active part in the Trade Contact Group, the technical round table presided over by the European Commission DG TAXUD in Brussels and also interfaces with key entities at the national level. Clients of companies associated with ETN use avant-garde software solutions that are always in line with the latest regulatory provisions.

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BeOne Customs Module: Technical Specifications

Read the technical specifications of BeOne, Nova Systems'software solution for the customs sector. BeOne is the application management software that is appropriate to the current customs legislation and is suitable for the needs of customs agents who carry out import/export operations.

Customs Operations


Customs Operations

• Managing and compiling Import, Export and Transit formalities.

• Automating sending, signing and receiving of digital transmission flows and automatic IVISTO reception / management

• Electronic Folder Management

• Travel Management

Customs / VAT Warehouse Management

• Manual entry and management of loading and unloading of customs warehouse A3 / A4 / VAT

• Automatic compilation of warehouses, loading and unloading created automatically by the management of the customs formalities

Importation / Exportation Temporary Management

• Management of virtual warehouses, control of inventories and reimports/re-exports

• Control of Temporary expiry dates

Intrastat Transactions

• Compilation of Intrastat movements of goods and services with rectification management

• Flow generation for digital transmission and flow generation for sending to third parties

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Total Integration

The advantages of working with a single suite, in which fully integrated business management features are the uniqueness of the database, system configurability and ERP modularity. Total integration concerns the Cloud Service & Software Platform, the Transportation Management System, the Warehouse Management System, Common Management Applications, Accounting, Customs, and Common Business Applications.

A Single Database

A single database is the fundamental condition for a software solution, completely integrated where the individual modules interact among each other, guaranteeing the linearity and accuracy of the procedures.

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The Only Registry

The different applications refer to the only database, on which they operate in synchronicity to recall data, their elaboration and archiving, without the duplication of information and mismatches.

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