Sinergy is one of the leading Italian companies operating in the NVOCC sector

Sinergy’s Cavalieri: “Interactivity and a simple interface are the strongpoints of BeOne”

The founder of the Genoa company: Nova Systems has worked alongside us as we have developed

“The combing of the ports of Genoa and Savona is the starting point for a major relaunch of the sector. A systematic approach is necessary to compete with the ports of North Europe.”  Marco Cavalieri, owner and founder of Sinergy Cardo, together with Davide Onnis and Luigi Troianni, looks with optimism at the merger of the ports and sketches out the panorama of the challenges facing the sector in a continuously developing market.     
Sinergy is one of the leading Italian companies operating in the NVOCC sector with import and export groupage services and it has chosen Nova Systems' BeOne solution to manage its services.  “The development of the sector demands precision and speed but contact with the client also remains a priority for us,” said Cavalieri.

The recent reform of the port system has led to the combining of the ports of Genoa, Savona and Vado Ligure.  What do you think of this operation?

It is a decision I have long been hoping for. I have always believed that the merger of Liguria’s port authorities was a necessary operation. Now, we need to come together as a system to compete with the ports of North Europe, which is why the lack of involvement of the port authority of La Spezia is a missed opportunity for creating a great basin in the West Med.

Minister Graziano Delrio described the “merger” of Genoa, Savona and Vado Ligure as the new “port of Italy”. It that a description you agree with?

Historically, the port of Genoa always aspired to be that. The new port authority must demonstrate that it is on the side of small and medium sized enterprises, to encourage the creation of new business opportunities.  With this operation, Genoa and Savona will become one of the main hubs of the West Med as regards the container sector, thanks also to the advent of Vado.

Based on his background, what will the priorities be of the new president of the port system Authority, Paola Signorini?

I have great confidence in the Signorini’s abilities.  His role will be as the guarantor and driving force for the development of the port of Genoa.  He must be able to generate synergy between the major companies and the small shippers and logistics operators.  The success of the port of Rotterdam is based on these foundations. There are more than 600 companies in Genoa in the field of shipping and logistics and, according to some recent studies, we have an industry in the region that, if adequately developed, could double its current workforce.   

If we consider competitiveness and the ability to beat the competition, especially abroad, what is currently missing from central-western Liguria?

Our real weak point is the lack of rail and land routes.  We have a thriving market like Switzerland not even 200 kilometres way, but the volume of business handled by the port of Genoa is meagre compared to other European ports. The completion of the sea road, which I realise requires significant investments, would be a breath of fresh air.

As this sector undergoes continuous evolution, how is Sinergy Cargo positioned?

Currently, as regards imports, we are present in the main markets, including China, the United States. South America and India while, for exports, we operate throughout the world.  Sinergy was founded in 2006. Notwithstanding the unfavourable period of economic crisis, we managed to grow constantly, year after year. This was also due to the collaboration with partners who have seen the development of our company close up, especially regarding the information technology part.

Why do you regard the choice of software solutions as strategic? 

To be competitive today means being in step with the latest innovations. When Sinergy Cargo was founded, we chose Nova Systems, a partner that remained at our side as we developed.  I found the efficiency of Nova Systems' BeOne solution is mainly due to the simplicity of the interface and its interactivity. New releases are continuously issued and we believe we have helped refine the product with our suggestions, which have then been made available to all the users of the management application. 

Which BeOne functions give you the greatest benefits?

The integration of the modules is one of the main advantages of Nova Systems' Cloud suite. It is a solution that puts the relationship with the client right at the centre and provides a strategic tool of analysis and Business Intelligence that is fundamental for improving corporate marketing. From the offer to the booking, we are able to entirely follow the analysis. The mobile part is currently important for us and, again in this case, Nova Systems accepted the challenge.

What are your future prospects?

The future of the sector lies in e-commerce.  Our world if fast-paced: the evolution in transport requires precision and speed but, to compete in the market, it is vital to constantly maintain direct contact with the client, including through the new technologies. This aspect is slowly disappearing but, for us, it still makes all the difference.

Date: 28-06-2017

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