The module is in the BeOne Suite

Nova Systems puts clients at the centre with its CRM

The solution is integrated with business intelligence and document filing

BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite, the software solution from Nova Systems specifically devised for the international shipping, customs, transport and logistics sector, puts relations with clients at the centre of the company. Thanks to the integrated Customer Relationship Management module within the BeOne Suite, the search for information becomes instantaneous. CRM manages all contacts with clients and potential clients in an organized way, files the information and makes it available in order to obtain the spot offers, based on requirements.       

“For companies, planning a strategy with the aim of promoting client loyalty, with the acquisition of new market slices, is crucial: CRM is a fundamental tool for a business looking to the future and expanding because it improves client management, the interaction between company departments and boosts productivity. Basically, it provides management with the technological tools required to maintain its clients, augmenting relations with the most important ones, and provides the ability to define the profiles through indicators that can be entirely managed by the user, thereby facilitating the commercial activity,” continued Avesani.  “This is an enormous advantage for companies in a continuously and vigorously evolving market like that of logistics and transport: the CRM enables new clients to be acquired, sales to be increased and their loyalty strengthened with products chosen for their objectives."

Moreover, BeOne is integrated with electronic document filing and Business Intelligence, when enables the dashboard and tools to be managed for the creation of targeted reports. By using BeOne Analytics, it is possible to improve client knowledge through data extraction from CRM and their analysis, for the purpose of developing a personalized commercial offer.  From the collaborative point of view, the technologies are integrated with the communication tools in order to manage contact with the client, including with the aid of the Marketing division.

Through BeOne’s CRM, numerous documents can be obtained:  Spot Offers, Visit Report Fees, Client business cards, Routing Orders, Routing Order Reminders, Sales Leads, Sales Leads Reminder, Commercial Recommendations, Commercial Recommendations Reminders. “So that CRM can be used to its full potential, a virtuous relationship must be created between the managerial sphere and the more technological sphere, with the involvement of all departments,” concludes Avesani, “in order to align the organisation with the company’s business processes.  Moreover, the quality of the data is a key factor in ensuring the actions performed through the CRM are effective for the business.”

Date: 14-12-2016

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